More than 60 years of experience in the polymers science and service to the chemical industry are VINAVILís technological heritage. A modern company with a prime concern to found its growth on innovation, with care for the environment, to improve existing products and to develop new products for coatings, adhesives, textiles, building industry and more.

A highly qualified activity of Research and Development, an effective and empowered Commercial Organization are the strengths of the Company towards fulfilling customers needs and achieving their satisfaction.

VINAVIL, the most important Italian manufacturer of dispersion polymers and one of the largest in Europe, thanks to its production sites in Ravenna and Villadossola (Italy), is strategically placed to serve North-European as well as South-Mediterranean markets, strengthening more and more its position as a reliable and responsible partner for the industry.

Furthermore, The Vinavil Egypt (Suez) facilities add a wider dimension to the globalization process of the Company and make it the ideal partner, able to support vigorously the growing industry in the Middle East and Africa.
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Are the plants in Italy operational? Both are open and producing ...
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