VINAVIL EGYPT, as part of MAPEI Group, was founded in August 2002 as the first plant among many others of MAPEI units all over the world, to be located in Middle East, through our state of art facility in Attaqa – Suez, thanks to its strategic and favourable location which is very close to El Sokhan Sea Ports. VINAVIL EGYPT can easily serve its customers on African Coasts (West/East/North) and also Middle East area via its strategic location and logistics advantages and services of Red Sea Ports.  


Products and solutions
for the AMEA market

VINAVIL EGYPT always believed that products and services are closely aligned. Therefore, all our products carry with them quality of services and technical solutions to our customers. We are serving coating industry with a beauty versatile portfolio, which starts by products to high quality of decorative paints, sealants and plasters, ending to specific products for economic final application.

Looking at Adhesives industry, VINAVIL EGYPT is serving that segment with either ready to use products or easy formulated ones for the production of paper and wood adhesives for different applications.

VINAVIL is everywhere,
"our widespread is our strength"

VINAVIL EGYPT is market leader in Egyptian market and widely acknowledged as bench-mark through its quality edge, consistency of performances and superiority of services and commercial strategies.

On the other hand, VINAVIL EGYPT is one of the key suppliers of emulsion polymers in the region, by which RAVEMUL "commercial / marketing brand" is widely known and being trusted by many customers in the region. 

VINAVIL product lines

The world of VINAVIL includes a large variety of products. VINAVIL offers a complete range of polyvinyl acetate Copolymers, Styrene Acrylic and Homo-products for various industries and different applications

VINAVIL’s portfolio of products are in constant evolution, and always with the capacity to meet the most demanding requirements of the market. These lines are binders, sealants, plasters, out/indoor coatings, semi-gloss/matt decorative paints. Besides, we do have products for paper, wood, paper lamination, textile and carton packing adhesive application

Production, engineering
and sales

VINAVIL EGYPT, from the beginning, managed to increase production capacities to adopt market demand and customer needs. In 2006, VINAVIL EGYPT added another reactor to increase capacity by 12KT/Y. Supported by its wide customer base and diversification, VINAVIL EGYPT is now utilizing 92% of its Vinylic capacity. In 2017, the idea of Acrylics was flashed and put in force so as VINAVIL EGYPT is now serving its market with also Acrylics.

A commitment to the field of engineering has been a constant and characteristic feature of VINAVIL’s approach to business. The most advanced production technologies have been adopted by the company: this strategy has encouraged the consistent growth and improvement of our global manufacturing plants.

Research & Development

Research work is at the very heart of the company and provides our customers with the leading-edge technology to help them grow their business. VINAVIL spends 5% of our sales revenue on and 10% of our employees work in Research and Development. Our R&D Center of Excellence is located in Villadossola, which also coordinates all the work carried out in the research laboratories in Milan and Laval (Canada).  

The best-in-class research equipment used in the VINAVIL laboratories puts our company in a position to continually innovate and constantly improve.   

Health and safety, protecting the
environment and certified quality 

The health and safety of the workforce protecting the environment and the quality of products and services are essential values that form the foundations for VINAVIL’s development strategy.

Safeguarding the health and safety of those who work in and around our manufacturing plants, preventing and reducing the impact of our production processes and products on the environment and ensuring the quality of the products and services that VINAVIL supplies are important priorities. That means guaranteeing the highest level of commitment and responsibility towards our clients, local communities, local authorities, our employees and all those stakeholders affected by our operations.

VINAVIL adopts the most advanced technology available to comply with all local and state legislation.

VINAVIL Always Growing

VINAVIL EGYPT serve variety of markets in coatings and adhesives industries in African Territories, Crescent Area and Indian Ocean Commission Countries. With variety of options and a selection of high quality products for different applications, our portfolio can satisfy requirements of our customers in different markets.

VINAVIL EGYPT, as a state member in the economic integration grouping of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, has an advantage of adopting a common custom scheme over the competition, that comes out the continent. Such an advantage abolishes non-tariff barriers to trade within that integration grouping. 

In response to the widespread of VINAVIL EGYPT in both Africa and Middle East, in 2017 MAPEI decided to add an investment in VINAVIL EGYPT and started with 30KT/Y of Acrylics production line. The new investment went full swing in March 2019 to serve wide customer base with Styrene Acrylics either in domestic, Middle East or African markets

VINAVIL heading towards the future

VINAVIL is constantly strengthening its position as market leader on the local market and is undergoing considerable expansion on overseas markets. There is also a long-standing, ongoing collaboration with Gruppo Mapei on the global market. VINAVIL’s strategy for the next 5-10 years is heavily biased towards strengthening and optimising their focus on Customer Intimacy, to expand even more onto the overseas markets where their manufacturing plants are located and to develop alternative technologies and products for niche markets. VINAVIL’s main asset is their growth capacity. Even heavier investments and more intense focus will be dedicated in order to achieve these objectives, using financial resources, research, design, construction, management and marketing capacity, the true heritage of the company. The future is within VINAVIL, the future is within us all.

Registered trademarks

Vinyl dispersions and solid polymers for paints, adhesives and textiles. Powder redispersible polymers for the construction industry.

Vinylacetate-ethylene dispersions for paints, adhesives and textiles.

Vinyl dispersions for paints, adhesives and textiles.

Solid polymers for the food industry.

Acrylic and acrylic-styrene dispersions for the building industry, adhesives and textiles.

Solid vinylacetate/crotonic acid-based homopolymers and copolymers for the LPA (Low Profile Additives) industry.