History & Location
The idea to establish Vinavil Egypt was flashed 15 years ago, in 1998, by the Italian Mapei Group (who acquired VINAVIL S.p.A. in 1994), the Lebanese Obegi Group and Tibah Chemical. Vinavil Egypt started its production in August 2002.
It was the first plant, among many others of Mapei units all over the world, to be located in Middle East. More precisely, the facility was built in Attaqa, South ofSuez, while the administrative office in CAIRO.

Recently the company has been totally absorbed by MAPEI, becoming 100% a MAPEI GROUP company, with brand new headquarters in Maadi-Cairo. Vinavil Egypt facility is in a favorable position: through Suez Canal logistic means and infrastructures, it can easily serve Middle East and the North/East Coast of Africa. The Suez factory represents also a complement to the already existing facilities
of VINAVIL in Italy (Ravenna and Villadossola), that are serving the traditional customers in the Mediterranean basin since 80 years.

VINAVIL is present also in Far East, USA (Chicago) and CANADA (Montreal). The internationalization of the company is constantly upported by its 5 big R&D centers situated in different countries. Vinavil is a genuine global player in the field of vinyl-acetate polymers, able to supply to local and international industries a wide range of high technology polymers. These products, under the form of polyvinyl-acetate emulsions, are used in several industries: wood and paper adhesives,coating, textiles, etc.
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