Sand Sculptures

September 18, 2019
Sand Sculptures is a regular event for the past 22 years, that starts in June and ends in Autumn. On the shores of the Adriatic Sea (Cervia), artists from all over the world create unique artworks by using ‘grains on grains’. A part of these sculptures is built at the beginning of summer, but from 8 to 10 August there is the World Master of "Sand Sculptures" competition itself. In just 3 days, from the fervent imagination and skillful hands of the artists, masterpieces, that can reach up to 4 meters in height, are born. Only at the end, in order to preserve the sculptures, it is allowed to spray on them a solution of water and Vinavil glue, which creates an impermeable film suitable to keep the sand moist and compact. After the award ceremony, the works remain on display until mid-October. Every summer there are 12,000 / 13,000 tourists and curious visitors attending the event. In the above photo, you can see the sculpture that won the prize of the technical Jury in 2019.