June 17, 2021
A Webinar entitled "Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: an overview of Vinavil technology" will be held on July 6, between h.15:00 and h.16:00, presented by PhD Marino Malavolti, R&D Synthesis Department, and by Dr. Mario De Filippis, Technical Service Adhesive & Textile Manager. 
The Webinar will focus on Vinavil PSA product range analyzing polymerization techniques used by Vinavil to develop polymers to be used as raw materials in PSA. Furthermore, the event will show guiding formulations as well as operative procedures to produce PSA compounds and main application processes. 
The goal of the Webinar is to provide attendees with an overview of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology, which is a complex field of application as it requires multidisciplinary approaches and awareness related to polymer chemistry, interphase physics, adhesive visco-elastic behavior, testing method interpretation, converting processes and materials to coat or transfer the PSA onto.
 The Webinar will be held in English. 
Anyone who desires to participate, may do so by writing to within July 1st, specifying the following information: Contact details (name and phone number), name of the Company and its activity, the reason for participating.

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