November 18, 2021
On November the 10th 2021, two key standards for PVAc wood adhesive sector have been published. As usual, Vinavil’s commitment in standardization of working groups was crucial for the development and fine-tuning process that led to the standard publishing.

EN 17618: Adhesives – Wood-to-wood adhesives bonds for non-structural applications - Determination of shear strength by compressive loading represents a significative improvement in PVAc wood adhesive, because it defines a method to measure final bond strength, wood fiber tear and closed assembly time for different wood types.
Test method has been developed starting from ISO 6238 that during the last decades, has been a unique reference to assess adhesive compliance in furniture industry (e.g.: wood chairs manufacture).  

EN 17619: Classification of wood adhesives for non-structural timber products for exterior use, by implementing XT5, XT6 and XT7 classes, is a unique novelty in exterior wood application (XT: EXTERIOR). Lastly this norm is filling the “standardization gap” between structural and non-structural adhesive classification, very well known by experts and that started in the past, doubts or subjective choices in the selection of the proper adhesive, suitable for specific application as e.g.:  urban furniture, outdoor playground wooden equipment, cladding and decking.  The new standard implements very well-known durability classes described in EN 204 (D classes) by introducing a practical guide to select the proper adhesive to be applied in non-structural wooden joints for exterior use. The new classification is assessed by utilizing same specimen prepared according to EN 205 and that should exhibit specific requirements after exposure to more severe conditioning sequences (110 °C and in parallel, heat/cold cycle – 24 h boiling water / 1 h 20°C water).

Vinavil developed polymers in accordance with the new XT classification and will start to organize specific events to introduce the new product line that is coming soon.