January 14, 2022
Vinavil follows an increasingly sustainable approach towards our products with the new VINAVIL PRO range, the new professional glue for wood. The new range of products for wood has been designed specifically for professionals and demonstrates how gluing technologies become increasingly more environmentally friendly and geared to the peculiarities of the material.

These are the factors that make the new VINAVIL PRO range suitability friendly:

- First professional adhesive for wood without formaldehyde (a highly dangerous substance).

- 25% certified recycled plastic bottle and 100% certified recycled cap. Vinavil buys recycled plastic from certified resources in order to not only minimize the quantity of plastic in our packaging but to reduce plastic production in the whole world and to save our natural resources like oil.  

-     Introduction on the bottle of QR code that allows to deepen technical specifications and methods of use directly online (timely information and without waste of energy and paper).