July 19, 2022
Javier Ochoa Gómez has been working at Vinavil for three years in the sales team led by Silvio Pellerani. Javier is an Industrial Technical Engineer – MBA and has 30 years of experience in different chemical companies in the resins, adhesives and coatings sectors.

What work do you currently do at Vinavil?
I am the Sales Area Manager for Spain and Portugal. My main function is to develop the Iberian market and for a greater number of companies to know us and use our products. I am very satisfied with the achievements made in the market thanks to the collaboration with my colleagues from the Technical Department and Customer Service. In addition, for a few months I have been working on the development of the business of emulsions for self-adhesives (PSA) and on the development of the market in Central and South America.

What do you like the most about Vinavil?
Vinavil is a family-owned chemical company with a clear international scope, that has production plants in North Africa and North America, as well as two in Italy. Vinavil is just the right size to prevent decisions from getting lost in the organizational hierarchy. We have a very flexible structure, which helps us to be more effective in responding efficiently to our customers.The other point that I highlight about Vinavil is its variety of products and technologies, which allows us to be present in categories such as cheese coatings, PSA, textiles, adhesives, construction, automotive and paints. In each of them, Vinavil contributes its know-how with high performance products thanks to the investment in R&D and technical service.

How do you see the current market situation?
In recent months we have seen an unprecedented rise in the costs of all chemicals and energy that has been accompanied by strong demand. Now the market is uncertain as to whether this consumption pattern is going to continue at this rate or whether it may begin to slow down. In this environment, it is important that our customers have a reliable supplier like Vinavil that generates a long-term relationship.