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Vinavil has a strong technological heritage, with more than 80 years of experience in the research and development of polymers used in the chemical industry. This very modern company has served its customers well through smart product innovation that minimizes environment impact.

Vinavil’s core strategy encompasses the continuous improvement of existing products and the development of new polymers for coatings, adhesives, textiles and polymers primarily for the building industry and for other industries as well.

The growth of the company is based on strong intensive research and development activity, an effective and empowered commercial sales organization, and state-of-the-art customer service geared to achieving total customer satisfaction.

Vinavil first began its operations manufacturing chemicals in Italy in the 1920s. Starting its Vinavil Americas operation in 1994, Vinavil has become one of the world’s most important manufacturers of dispersion polymers. With the addition of the company’s production sites in the Americas – West Chicago in the United States and Montreal in Canada – and with over 90 years of Research & Development experience in the field of specialty chemicals, Vinavil now has become a truly global company that is constantly strengthening its position as a reliable and responsible industry partner.

When it comes to the science of polymers, Vinavil is the company to look to.
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