Amateur video on Villadossola plant

October 28, 2020

A website to relaunch tourism in Villadossola: “”. An idea that could have come from a tourist or administrative body, but which was instead developed a few years ago by a young villese. Manuel Imperiale, now 21 years old, a former student of Formont, a chef with a great passion for photography and for his city, has launched the web portal dedicated to Villadossola. "Many people think that Villadossola has become a desolate city after the closure of the factories, but it is not so" explains Manuel, who four years ago had already tried his hand at an initiative in favor of tourism in his territory, creating an app dedicated to patronal church of San Bartolomeo. "My idea is to give tourists the opportunity to visit Villadossola even before arriving: to date I have published many videos in 4K that show the beauty of our city". A project started 2 years ago and increasingly ambitious with internal shots of Villa Lena and other characteristic places, up to a 360 ° mapping of the city, thanks to an expensive camera that was kindly lent to him by Google. In addition to video and photographic material on the beauties of Villadossola, the site also contains a social network dedicated to the city. “Everyone can tell their story online, it would be wonderful if they could also pass on the past of Villadossola” he enthuses. “There is a lot of work to do to enhance Villa, I'm trying to do my part. We have a wonderful theater, ancient churches steeped in history, the Collinetta dello Sport, the megalithic site of Varchignoli and many other historical places that deserve to be valued". Within this project, Manuel, duly followed and coordinated by our factory colleagues, made his beautiful amateur video about our company: our Vinavil site in Villadossola – October 2020. We are very grateful to Manuel for his great interest and passion. Thank you.

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