Vinavil Casa & Scuola: the most popular glue now also for home use

July 15, 2021
Milan, 15 July 2021 - Vinavil, the historic Italian brand of the Mapei Group known for the inimitable white glue found on all school desks, opens up to the do-it-yourself sector and goes green with the new Casa & Scuola line. Responding to the growing popularity of manual activities, revived by the lockdown period, Vinavil renews its dermatologically tested and allergen-free glue and makes it perfect for domestic use, to support creativity and small repairs and maintenance.
Alongside the classic 100 and 250 g sizes, traditionally used in schools, Vinavil Casa & Scuola, which substitutes the previous Speciale Scuola line, introduces a new 750 g pack for greater practicality. Thanks to the ergonomic and squeezable shape of the bottle, it is more manageable and suitable for DIY. The unscrewable dispenser has a nozzle for better distribution in difficult spots and can be resealed with a cap anchored in the base to maintain its adhesive properties for up to two years.
The universal vinyl glue produced in Italy is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. The containers are made with 25% recycled plastic, a percentage that reaches 100% in the 750 g cap, an expression of the green vision of the company and the entire Group, which for years has been working to promote production that is increasingly oriented towards the health of the planet and people.
The layout of the three bottles is also new. The green color, to emphasize the eco-sustainability of the product, continues alongside the traditional red, also to emphasize the Italian origin of the product. Some icons on a stylized leaf certify the safety of the glue and the total absence of allergens, making it suitable for use both at school, by children and teachers, and at home, for any creative work or repair activity.