February 24, 2022
The demand for single-component D4 adhesives (D4 1 K) in the wood adhesives sector is clearly growing. In fact, single-component systems have the enormous advantage of being used as they are, without any modification their formulation prior to machine application, such as, the addition of hardeners that are complicating the handling of several chemical components and may limit the life of the adhesive mixture. These operations, which are usually carried out before the glue is applied, require highly specialized personnel, who are increasingly difficult to find due to the relocation of production centers and the frequent turnover of personnel.
The producers of polymers in aqueous dispersion that simultaneously meet the requirements of resistance to boiling water (D4 according to EN 204), resistance to heat (EN14257 ex WATT 91), resistance to static load (Creep test according to EN 14256) and good stability over time are fewer in number than those that produce traditional D3 glues. That classifies them as special products and not as commodities in the wood adhesives sector.
Vinavil also offers in this case a wide range of products depending on the specific needs of the market and the geographical area of sale. The two most successful products are:

1. Vinavil 2256 L Adhesive D4 monocomponent without formaldehyde.
2. Vinavil 2261 L Monocomponent adhesive D4, freeze-thaw stable and odorless. Especially suitable for northern European markets and harsh climates.

The marketing and technical service departments can provide you with all the detailed information on the Vinavil D4 1 K range.