April 19, 2022

The engineering department is responsible for the design and construction of plants up to the start-up phases and then the industrialization of production processes defined, on a pilot scale, by the Research and Development department.

Depending on the type of synthesis, typically emulsion polymerization, and on the specific unitary operations, technical solutions are identified, in line with the best available technologies, aimed at the realization of highly automated plants in order to ensure the complete control of chemical and physical variables during the entire production process.
In addition to the realization of new plants, the engineering department contributes to the improvement of production processes in order to achieve the best quality standards of finished products and maximum productivity of the various production lines.

The design phases, in the various technical disciplines and in alignment with the regulations in force, are carried out by specialized technical staff, working in team and using modern modeling software, aimed at speeding up the design dynamics, and ensuring compliance with the construction standards adopted.
A particular attention is given to safety aspects, especially in the continuous operation of plants working with flammable fluids, therefore the design is directed to the reduction of workloads by the operating staff.

The diversified plant selections are also aimed at the sustainability of the production processes. The plant structures are studied and realized to achieve the maximum containment of emissions into the environment as well as the selection of operating machines with high energy efficiency.