Vinavil product lines

The world of VINAVIL includes a vast number of products. VINAVIL offers its clients a complete range of vinyl acetate and vinyl acetate ethylene dispersions for the adhesives sector, including base compounds, to be used as raw materials, and modified and/or plasticized products ready for use. The most widely covered sectors are papermaking, wood and packaging.

Extensive lines encompass products in constant evolution and always with the capacity to meet the most demanding requirements of Italian and international markets, such as: Binders for water-based paints; dispersions for adhesives; redispersible powders for the building industry; solid polymers for the chewing-gum industry; pearls for specialist applications; vinyl adhesives for the do-it-yourself sector; acrylic copolymers for a wide variety of applications; and special, tailor-made polymers. Experience and innovation are the secret weapons of VINAVIL’s strategy, the most important Italian company in the dispersed polymers sector.


Polymer Emulsions

Redispersible Powders

Solids Polymers