Leading company in the Italian chemical industry

Since 1994 VINAVIL has been progressively investing in all their manufacturing plants, with particular focus on the environment and on the health and safety of their employees. R&D is the company’s jewel in the crown with 3 research facilities coordinated by the center of excellence in Villadossola (VB - Italy).


Products and solutions
for the global market

Following the continuous, ongoing industrial investment program to upgrade and redevelop all Vinavil’s manufacturing plants around the world, the total production capacity of polymers now stands at around 450,000MT/year. The current product portfolio puts the company in a position to supply a vast range of market sectors, such as adhesives, adhesives for papergoods, wood, textiles, construction, and specialty applications; paints and coatings industry, such as architectural paints, wood coatings, industrial maintenance, and direct-to-metal coating and the elastomeric and waterproofing markets, as well as the food industry, such as chewing gum and cheese coatings

VINAVIL is also a large supplier to our parent company, MAPEI Group, for their specialty polymer needs. 

VINAVIL is everywhere

VINAVIL is a familiar name in Italian daily life. Since the 1950’s Vinavil’s most well-known product has been the legendary Vinavil universal adhesive made from polyvinyl acetate contained in the classic red and white bottle.

VINAVIL also offers solutions for more specialized applications, such as solid polymers for the chewing-gum industry or binders for a host of cosmetic products (blusher, mascara, shampoo and hairspray) which have the acronym PVA (polyvinyl acetate) on their label. Not many people know this, but a Vinavil polymer film is used in the coating on cheese with a hard wax. 

We can find the VINAVIL brand in numerous objects that are around us every day, such as furniture, textilescardboard boxes, books, newspapers, packaging, pressure-sensitive adhesiveswooden frames, abrasive cleaning sponges, varnishes for wood and metalpaints used to decorate the walls and structures of our homes. In addition to that, Vinavil polymers are used as a component in numerous chemical products for the building industry.

VINAVIL product lines

The world of VINAVIL includes a large variety of products. VINAVIL offers a complete range of polyvinyl acetate, vinyl veova and vinyl acetate etylene copolymer emulsions, vinyl acrylic, styrene acrylic, pure acrylics and nanotechnology-based products for various industries. 

VINAVIL’s portfolio of products are in constant evolution, and always with the capacity to meet the most demanding requirements of the market. These lines include: binders for water-based paints, dispersions for adhesives, redispersible powders for the building industry, solid polymers for the chewing-gum industry, pearls for specialist applications, vinyl adhesives for the do-it-yourself sector, acrylic copolymers for a wide variety of applications and tailor-made polymers are just a few examples of these product lines.

Production, engineering
and sales

Starting in 1994, VINAVIL managed to triple production levels in just a few years with only a marginal increase in the production workforce.

A commitment to the field of engineering has been a constant and characteristic feature of VINAVIL’s approach to business. The most advanced production technologies have been adopted by the company: this strategy has encouraged the consistent growth and improvement of our global manufacturing plants.

Research & Development

Research work is at the very heart of the company and provides our customers with the leading-edge technology to help them grow their business. VINAVIL spends 5% of our sales revenue on and 10% of our employees work in Research and Development. Our R&D Center of Excellence is located in Villadossola, which also coordinates all the work carried out in the research laboratories in Milan and Laval (Canada).  

The best-in-class research equipment used in the VINAVIL laboratories puts our company in a position to continually innovate and constantly improve.   

Health and safety, protecting the
environment and certified quality 

The health and safety of the workforce protecting the environment and the quality of products and services are essential values that form the foundations for VINAVIL’s development strategy.

Safeguarding the health and safety of those who work in and around our manufacturing plants, preventing and reducing the impact of our production processes and products on the environment and ensuring the quality of the products and services that VINAVIL supplies are important priorities. That means guaranteeing the highest level of commitment and responsibility towards our clients, local communities, local authorities, our employees and all those stakeholders affected by our operations.

VINAVIL adopts the most advanced technology available to comply with all local and state legislation.

VINAVIL Always Growing

Continuing this history, VINAVIL has become, not only a market leader in Italy, but also an important player in the international polymer emulsions and solid polymers markets, with manufacturing plants in Italy, as well as in Egypt, the U.S. and Canada. VINAVIL has also established a worldwide sales network over five continents. We have industry-leading, best-in-class facilities, with three research facilities coordinated by the center of excellence located in Villadossola, Italy.

VINAVIL heading towards the future

VINAVIL is constantly strengthening its position as market leader on the local market and is undergoing considerable expansion on overseas markets. There is also a long-standing, ongoing collaboration with Gruppo Mapei on the global market. VINAVIL’s strategy for the next 5-10 years is heavily biased towards strengthening and optimising their focus on Customer Intimacy, to expand even more onto the overseas markets where their manufacturing plants are located and to develop alternative technologies and products for niche markets. VINAVIL’s main asset is their growth capacity. Even heavier investments and more intense focus will be dedicated in order to achieve these objectives, using financial resources, research, design, construction, management and marketing capacity, the true heritage of the company. The future is within VINAVIL, the future is within us all.

Registered trademarks

Vinyl dispersions and solid polymers for paints, adhesives and textiles. Powder redispersible polymers for the construction industry.

Vinylacetate-ethylene dispersions for paints, adhesives and textiles.

Vinyl dispersions for paints, adhesives and textiles.

Solid polymers for the food industry.

Acrylic and acrylic-styrene dispersions for the building industry, adhesives and textiles.

Solid vinylacetate/crotonic acid-based homopolymers and copolymers for the LPA (Low Profile Additives) industry.