"Vinavil is dedicated to sustainability, implementing diverse initiatives to minimize environmental impact and uphold responsible practices. Through collaborative efforts, we're committed to advancing a greener agenda and enhancing corporate responsibility."
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Research and development are at the forefront of the journey to sustainability 


Our company has undertaken various measures aligned with sustainability objectives, encompassing a range of initiatives aimed at environmental preservation and social responsibility: 



  • Sustainability Report
  • New strategic technology initiatives underway
  • Vinavil's research and development commitment to sustainability
  • Safety: new key project for spreading safety culture
  • Decree 231, Corporate Governance
  • Participation in Responsible Care (Federchimica's voluntary program to promote sustainable development in the chemical industry)
  • Active communication through sustainability platforms
  •  Participation in group projects and task-forces at the international level in Life Cycle Assessment studies to assess environmental indicators
  • Future installation of photovoltaic parks at the Villadossola and Ravenna plants
  • Optimization of industrial processes: reduction of energy and water consumption





Initiatives in a few numbers


  • Optimization of industrial processes: reduction of energy and water consumption
  • 25 % reduction in amount of well water emitted compared to finished product
  • Recycling of wash water in reactors approx. 80%.
  • Reduction during 2023 of plant steam consumption by 15%
  • Combined heat and power plant
  • Generates electricity, steam and hot water for 70% of the plant's needs
  • Efficiency 81%
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions by approx. 2700 t/a