What is International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC)?






The ISCC PLUS Scheme, known as the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, represents a global standard centered around the principles of the circular economy. It serves as a robust framework for showcasing dedication and excellence in sustainable production management. Initially introduced within the European landscape, ISCC emerged as a pioneering scheme focusing on product sustainability across the entire supply chain, particularly within the renewable energy sector. Today, it stands as one of the most pervasive and respected certification systems, extending its reach across various industries.



Vinavil, as outlined in its Corporate Policy, is dedicated to advancing the use of ISCC PLUS certified raw materials. This commitment aims to bolster the sustainability of its products by meticulously verifying and qualifying suppliers according to the standards set by this certification. Embracing such certification underscores the company's advocacy for responsible sourcing of renewable resources. Notably, the certification process mandates a clear chain of custody, coupled with third-party validation, fostering transparency throughout the supply chain.

By embracing ISCC PLUS certification, Vinavil not only strengthens its environmental and social responsibility ethos but also amplifies its engagement in community-oriented endeavors.