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The legendary VINAVIL glue

Generations of Italian families know VINAVIL, thanks to the first
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July 5, 2022
After 3 years, VINAVIL returns to sponsor STRESA FESTIVAL, now in its 61st edition. “For the 2022 edition of Stresa Festival, very high music”. This is how Pier Paolo Pasolini, the great Italian intellectual, says about Bach's music. In order to commemorate the centenary of his birth, the Festival tries to grasp his thought both on Bach and on music in general. A very acute and profound thought on the power of musical art, be it of cultured or popular origin. The Festival, which consists of concerts ranging from jazz to classical music, will be held between July and September in the most evocative locations of Lake Maggiore, very often in contact with nature. It always gathers an authoritative and refined audience and hosts numerous ensembles of young artists, alternating with internationally renowned orchestras. One of its missions is the dissemination of musical culture as a means of growth and personal well-being. Vinavil, with its commitment, wants to contribute to the success of a very prestigious event, to underline its attachment to art and to strengthen relations with the territory, in one of the most beautiful areas of our country and near the production plant of Villadossola.

The legendary VINAVIL glue

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