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The legendary VINAVIL glue

Generations of Italian families know VINAVIL, thanks to the first
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October 31, 2022
Vinavil is pleased to announce the development of a new range of 2 component- adhesives in compliance with the recently issued norm EN 17619:2021 that classifies wood adhesive for nonstructural timber products for exterior use.


The new directive has been put in place to fill a normative gap in the wood adhesive sector for exterior use, in which for the same application that undergoes to specific environmental defined conditions, different adhesive technologies are deployed ranging from thermoplastic non-load bearing adhesives to thermosetting ones. 

The new standard provides three durability classes:


  • XT5: exterior application with rare exposure to direct weathering, in which the glued wooden product is covered by constructive protection from the weather. (e.g.: wooden products behind cladding and products completely protected by roofs, coverings, canopy, or open sheds);

  • XT6: exterior application with occasional but not persistent exposure to direct weathering, in which the glued wooden product is partially covered by constructive protection;

  • XT7: exterior application with frequent exposure to direct weathering, in which the glued wooden product is not covered by constructive protection and not in contact with the ground (e.g.: decking, outdoor playground equipment).

The adhesive classified for non-structural applications for exterior use shall have a minimum durability class of D4 as specified in EN 204. 

Then, the XT class performance of the adhesive shall be carried out with a tensile shear test after two different conditioning sequences, distinctly performed:

  • 24 hours boiling water immersion, followed by 1 hour cooling in water at 20°;
  • Heat conditioning for 1 hour in a ventilated oven at 110 °C.

The simultaneous achieving of the performance in humid environments and heat resistance allows to destinate the adhesive for the specific exterior use.

Vinavil has recently designed a new range of 2 component-adhesives in compliance with the three-durability class as follows:
  • XT5 Class: Vinavil XT500 + 5 pbw Vinadur 500;
  • XT6 Class: Vinavil XT700 + 20 pbw Vinadur 700;
  • XT7 Class: Vinavil XT700 + 25 pbw Vinadur 700.
A Webinar to present the new product range will be organised soon. 

The legendary VINAVIL glue

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