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The legendary VINAVIL glue

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March 2, 2023

On February 14th and 15th, the 2023 edition of 'In-Adhesives,' a major symposium on innovation in the field of adhesives and their applications, took place in Munich.

The symposium, which was attended by many industrial and research entities operating in the field, was useful as an update on the various trends in innovation, sustainability and technological advances, and to sound out possible new collaborations for some ongoing research projects.

Vinavil participated in the event. Luigi Mora illustrated the activities that our R&D is conducting in the area of sustainable development, with a presentation entitled "Sustainable Development in Adhesives: Design of new Monomers and Formulations, Management of Wastes."

The presentation focused first on the project for the synthesis of innovative bio-monomers based on saccharide components, conducted in collaboration with the University of Florence, along with the University of Bologna, taking part in the 'LIFE' project, for the synthesis and subsequent use of bio-chrotonic acid.

The solutions developed for the reuse of waste polymerization sludge developed in collaboration with Mapei Research and Technical Assistance were then illustrated in cold asphalt technology (Cold-Pav), for the encapsulation and stabilization of contaminated sediments (HPSS technology).

Last but not least, the opportunity was taken to present some recent initiatives that Vinavil is conducting in the area of sustainable innovation such as the forthcoming introduction of a biobased monomer and the various ongoing studies on the use of non-fossil-based raw materials, both in formula (monomers, plasticizers, various additives) and post-formulation.

Multidisciplinary examples of circular chemistry, demonstrating the Company's concrete commitment to the path of growth towards sustainable development.

The legendary VINAVIL glue

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